We continued our efforts to pursue “development with a conscience” and to make a difference in the world. We have gained a lot of experience from our participation in public-private partnerships to address societal challenges in an integrated way.

A critical factor in this is good data, as exemplified by the Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) collaborative project. Five G4AW projects are underway, combining information technology and geodata with land use mapping, responsible business and food security. The link with information and communication technologies is particularly appealing to younger generations. This is not only creating new income opportunities in rural areas, but strengthening the entire agricultural value chain, from farmer to fork.

Turnover in 2017


Spent on objectives


Universal values such as safety and security for every citizen of the world are increasingly under pressure. Faced with rapid globalization, nationalism is gaining ground and citizens are under pressure to accept authoritarian regimes as the “safest” option. At ICCO we choose to take the path of solidarity and mutual dependence that views the world as an integrated whole. At the beginning of 2018, we refined our strategic focus and contribute in in particular to the SDGs 2 and 8: ‘ Zero hunger’ and ‘Decent work and economic growth’ .

We believe that this focus is crucial in meeting our overall objective of empowered smallholder farmers, producer organizations and agribusinesses that build sustainable livelihoods within a society that upholds their rights. In collaboration with governments and donors, private companies and civil society organizations we strive for a better world . We do not want anything else.

There is still a world to win.

Sybren Attema, chair Executive Board